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KO BOX TV version

KO video games city v2.3 upgrade, open the local network of multiplayer features!

Two players face to face can be wired to play arcade, without moving, do not consume mobile traffic, open mobile hotspot automatic interconnection, process simply and quickly, let you and friends to enjoy the carefree play experience, find arcade game hall memories.

KO video games city is a all-around game simulator software, can simulation run on android phones arcade, GBA handheld games, FC nes and SFC super nintendo games.

Software is simple, practical, and can automatically scan a specified directory of the game ROM file, built-in web pages at the same time, the convenient user find the ROM on the net, make you relaxed classic game to play.

Integration of Mame, Nesoid and Snesoid, GameBoid simulator, after the development team to optimize debugging, has good compatibility, stable operation and the advantages of virtual buttons touch smooth.

ROM file can support the zip, nes, SFC, SMC, gba format, storage directory is: the sdcard \ VSGameBox \ roms.

The king of fighters, street fighter, contra, super Mario, three kingdoms ZhanJi...

Let us remember those who once heartstring and sleepless nights of electronic games?

In the world of KO video games city, you will find the happy memories of childhood, to relive those classic bring us bring extremely carefree and happy.

(KO video games city does not provide any game downloads, simulator used in the operation of the game resources, please find the user to access.)

Function characteristics:

- local network multiplayer (arcade games)

- free, no ads

- support game file

-The operation is simple and easy to use

- in the network search ROM quick and easy

- the nice user interface

- most of the game can automatically match the cover icon

- does not restrict coin-operated arcade

- perfect multitouch solution

- support physical buttons mapping